What Is A Pump And Run?

The pump and run race starts by each participant bench pressing a portion of their total body weight. Each bench press rep will take 30 seconds off of their overall 5K time, which they will run after lifting.

About This Event

In the Lifting Hopes 5K Pump and Run a participant’s score will be based on a combination of how many times he/she can bench press their weight (see below for how the lifting weight is calculated) and their 5K race time.

Pump and Run athletes can weigh in and lift between 7:00am and 9:00am on race day. Registration opens at 6:00am, but participants cannot begin lifting prior to 7:00am.
To calculate the score, an athlete will reduce their 5K run time by 30 seconds for each successful lift (maximum 30 reps for a maximum of 15 minute reduction.

Get more information on the 2016 Pump & Run here. 

Benching Rules

  1. During weigh-in, minimum attire must be shorts, tshirt, shoes and socks.
  2. Weight will be rounded to the nearest five pound increment (e.g. 142 will round to 140 while 143 would round to 145)
  3. Rep begins at full arm extension, then bar is lowered down until touches chest, then back to full extension. Arms must “lock-out” at top position
  4. No warm-ups will be allowed
  5. Once a participant enters the benching area, they must complete the pumping and not leave or attempt to reenter area
  6. Back and rear must be flat on bench, and both feet must be flat on ground.
  7. Hands must be inside, or touching, smooth outer rings of Olympic Bar
  8. Rep will not count if bar bounces off chest.
  9. Motion must be continuous with no rests or pauses at the top and chest positions. A noticeable resting pause will nullify previous rep.
  10. Liability waiver must be signed prior to pumping.
  11. No profane language or behavior is permitted and at sole discretion of organization such behavior can result in disqualification and removal from event
  12. In all cases, the decision of a judge to count or disqualify a rep is final

Men’s Lifting Divisions

  • Men 39 and under contestants will bench press 100% of their weight.
  • Men 40 – 49 will bench press 90% of their weight.
  • Men 50 – 59 will bench press 80% of their weight.
  • Men 60 and over will bench press 70% of their weight.

Women’s Lifting Divisions

  • Women 39 and under contestants will bench press 70% of their weight.
  • Women 40 – 49 will bench press 60% of their weight.
  • Women 50 – 59 will bench press 50% of their weight.
  • Women 60 and over will bench press 40% of their weight.

A plaque will be awarded to the first place finisher in each of the above categories.

All scores will be posted within 24 hours of the end of the event

Due to the low entry fee, registrants will not receive t-shirts in their running packet.

The first place finishers in each of the above categories for the 5K only event will also receive a plaque.

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